The fees applicable to the users are fixed by the Commission des transports du Québec (including the taxes):

The price of the trip is determined with the help of a taximeter, according to the rates of the moment. The drivers are obligated to use the taximeter to determine the price of the trip.

There are no fees applicable for the assistance of the driver when helping transporting grocery bags, hand suitcases or a walker, for example.

at departure
per kilometer with the customer
(rounded to the nearest 0.05$) /waiting /minute or 37.80$/per hour.

Tipping is always left to the customer’s discretion, according to the degree of satisfaction of the received service.

The prices of transports by taxi of the moment can be modified at any time without notice. We must respect the Laws and Regulation on transport of people by taxi services. See website of “Commission des transport du Québec”, to know more.


 Tous les chauffeurs acceptent le paiement en argent,
All the drivers must accept payment by cash, by credit cards
(VISA or MASTERCARD), debit cards, all the gift cards “Taxi Local”
and the “Cool Taxi” coupons. Abroad money: Only American money
can be accepted and remains at the driver’s discretion, if applicable.
At any time, you can obtain a receipt, no matter
the payment method.

All dogs are accepted in the taxis-vehicles, as long as it to help a customer with a handicap. To avoid the dog spreading its fur and to avoid allergic reactions from other customers, the dog must be kept sitting or lying on the floor by its owner. If any damages are done by the animal, the customer will be charged with fees in consequence.


It is not rare that customers forget objects in the taxi they used to be transported.
All the drivers, whether on a day or night shift clean their taxis regularly and a complete indoor inspection is made every end of shift. All of the objects found are kept safe in area reserved for objects that were lost by customers and given back to the owner on request. The objects are kept for a period of two weeks and after this period of time are given depending on the nature of the object to a community organisation.
Furthermore, when it consist of an important object, the administration will do research, in collaboration with all of their resources, in order to retrace the customer.

Afterwards, an appointment will be scheduled to give the owner back their belonging.