Who we are


It is in 2005 that Taxi Local de Mont-Tremblant was created.

Throughout the years, we have ask ourselves the question: what are the main necessities that people are facing when they are in need of a taxi? We came to the conclusion that the answer was: that a taxi vehicle is available at the moment and place asked.

In 2010, Mrs. Johanne Labrosse, born in Huberdeau, purchased a second taxi owners license, attached with two brand new white vans. Already, she thinks of converting this taxis business into a family business, building a strong relationship with her two sons, both specialized in the automotive industry.

In 2012, Mrs. Labrosse was able to become the owner of Taxi Mont-Tremblant, by buying two more taxis owner’s licenses which also had two brand new white mini-vans attached to it.

In 2013, in order to improve her response delay and in order to be available at the time and place required by her ever growing customer, after 6 long months of relentless hard work, Mrs. Labrosse was able to obtain two more taxi owners license, also attached with two brand new white mini-vans.

Since then, the quota imposed by the Commission des transports du Québec is obtained. Mrs. Labrosse puts in your disposition, the maximum number of taxis authorized by the Ministry, being 6 taxis-vehicles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She cannot offer more! Except to do all in her power to ensure that the customer service is at its best. Of course, during certain periods of the year, even if we do everything we can, the response time is longer despite us.

This is why, we raise awareness to our customers to be aware of the time, the day, the month or the season when they communicate with us to obtain our taxis service. Therefore, the customers will help us help them!

In 2015, in order to be able to help the customers who have certain difficulties or limitations in movement or to embark or disembark a vehicle, Mrs. Labrosse purchased step, available on request, when a call is made. These steps respect the design safety standards, including the height, width, the depth, the anti-skid and the quality of the materials used. They are solid, safe and allows customers to get out of their house, despite their difficulties.

In 2016, after a deep analyze on the payment method of her customers, Mrs. Labrosse has made available credit-debit terminals in all her taxis.

Taxi Local de Mont-Tremblant holds many excellent drivers who became, throughout the years, masters in “Crisis management” during rush hours, mastering the art of prioritizing the ones who are more vulnerable than others, due to a physical condition, or the cold weather for example. Furthermore, they:
  • have succeeded in passing the exam in order to have a class 4C driver’s license, allowing them to drive around in taxis-vehicles;
  • have succeeded in passing the exam to detain a taxi-driver license, allowing them to transport customers;
  • have no criminal record;
  • had a training session on how to help people with physical limitations;
  • know very well the region of Mont-Tremblant and its surroundings;
  • are experimented, responsible, courteous and discreet.


The quality of transports service and the ever-increasing demand for transport allows her to expand her taxi fleet and to offer:
  • transports that are adapted to the customer’s needs (suitcases, help embarking or disembarking of the taxi);
  • transports for short and long distances;
  • service agreements for special transports;
  • service agreements with different government programs (SAAQ, CSST, IVAC, MESS, etc);
  • free of charge payment by debit-credit card using electronical terminals in all the taxis;
  • the possibility of buying real gift cards Taxi Local to a loved one, an employee, a customer, or oneself, for their transports. (outings, work, activities, etc). They are available at taxilocal@hotmail.com;
  • Le paiement sans frais avec des coupons «Cool Taxi»; free of charge payment using (Cool Taxi) coupons;
  • and a lot more!